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NCT05074771Erstmals veröffentlicht: 2021 Okt 12Letzte Aktualisierung: 2021 Okt 12

RIabilitazione di Pazienti COvid e Loro Monitoraggio IN Casa Con la pIattaforma ARc-IntEllicare - (RICOMINCIARE)

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  3. Health Services Research
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  2. Single Arm/Controlled Before After
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At Home REhabilitation and Monitoring of People in poST-covid Condition Through ARc-inTellicare Platform (RESTART/RICOMINCIARE)

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The RESTART/RICOMINCIARE study is a pilot single-center, not controlled prospective, pre-post intervention study aimed at verifying feasibility and safety of a device-supported home rehabilitation for people suffering from mild to moderate disabilities due to respiratory or neurological conditions, related to Covid-19 or frailty condition (i.e. Parkinson Disease)